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Life Book Ė A must have in any home !

You may feel that your documents are well organised, but what if you pass away?
Will your family members know what to do, how to arrange a funeral, who to inform and contact?
Are there life insurance policies that will be paid out?
What will happen to your business, will all your assets be taken care of when you are not there anymore?
Your Will should be up to date and your financial advisor should know about it.
Your family will not be left with an unnecessary financial burden, because of wasted time if the important information is recorded in the LifeBook.

The purpose of the LIFE BOOK is to efficiently help you to organise and store pages of those documents that are most important to you. Using a simple,
"8 category" system, the LIFE Book makes it quick and easy to access your documents when needed.  

​​​​​​​This book contains valuable information to assist you with every day documents and to help, should you lose a loved one. The last thing you want is to leave your loved ones in a difficult financial situation. This will prepare you to take care of sensitive matters, sooner rather later. Someone should know what you wanted.

It is simple, yet practical with easy to use instructions. 

Information related to the following is contained within:
Last Will
Funeral Information
Financial Advisor Information
Identification Documents
Account Information
Digital Assets

The loss of someone special in our lives is something we donít talk about enough. Death is an important part of life and will have to be dealt with some day. Planning ahead of time can help you control cost and avoid making decisions at a time when your emotions are heightened.

Invest in your family, purchase the LIFEBOOK !

Afrikaans Version also available